What does lulo(RE) stand for?

Repair, replace, patch, mend, "give a new life"! #repair
There are many different approaches towards the question of sustainable future. With our brand, lulo(RE) we want to raise awareness to the sustainable future from the angle of the fashion industry. Our main services are clothes repair and clothes alteration, that we provide in ourstanding conditions in Hungary. Our seamstresses are working in a convenient environment on damaged clothes in premium quality.

What do we believe in?

We belive that clothes repair is not lame but actually very cool! Be proud that you belong to those who create value by letting their clothes repaired!
Our goal is to build a national network that makes clothes repair accessible by everyone thorugh digital solutions. We believe that the future is in our hands and we can do for it today!
There must be a teared t-shirt in your wardrobe that is waiting for you to wear it again! Visit us or send it online and do something for the sustainable future (and of course for your favorite clothes)! 
#lulore #renewinbudapest

What do the statistics say?

According to the statistics, almost 26 kg of textile is purchased and approx. 11 kg is thrown out by every European citizen. It is also proved by studies that in case a cloth is worn for longer (even with an additional 3 months) than the ecological footprint is reduced.